Symposium 'Lions in the Veluwe'

19 december 2007

Leiden University

Leiden, the Netherlands



Symposium Programme   

Speakers:       Dr. Paul Koene                    
Hubert Kivit                 
                       Dr. Sip E. van Wieren 
                       Prof. dr Jelle W.F. Reumer

Duration:        13:00-13:45 Paul Koene
                       13:50-14:25 Hubert Kivit
                       14:25-14:45 break
                       14:45-15:20 Sip van Wieren
                       15:30-16:05 Jelle Reumer
                       16:05-16:30 discussion
                       16:30-17:30 after drinks


Practical Information


To attend the symposium, please send an e-mail to:, before the 17th of December.

Place:         The Grote Collgezaal (ask for at reception)
                   Van der Klaauw laboratorium
                   Kaiserstraat 63
NL-2311GP Leiden

Time:          13:00-16:30 (excl. after drinks)

Maps:          Van der Klaauw Lab location.
                   Getting there: 
by train or by car. All University buildings 

More info: or